P & R Organics


Join us for many celebrations to be had at the PG Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8:30-2. 


Sunday July 14 10am-4pm Celebrating 25 years Appreciation Day

Sunday Oct 6 10am-3pm Abel & Ember's 5th Annual Pumpkin Patch 

Sunday Dec 8 11am-4pm P & R 3rd Annual Christmas Market 

PG FARMERS MARKET EVERY SATURDAY ON 3RD AVE/QUEBEC FROM 8:30-2 (you can order online for pick up, orders must be in by Thursday)  Located inside the building during winter (nov-apr) and outside during the summer (may-oct)  

Farm Pick-up order online Tuesdays from 2-6pm

About Us

When the Buchers moved to Prince Georges Salmon Valley in 1992 they wanted to get their family tradition going which dates back to year 1100 in Switzerland; which is organic farming because most of our Bucher ancestors were farmers. In 1999 after a few years in cattle and grain farming; the family made the decision to down size the farm and grow certified organic vegetables for Prince George. In the same year, the Buchers became active participants in the Prince George Farmer's Market- showcasing their produce under the name P & R Organics. 1999 was our first year being certified organic under the original certification association that was called COPA, which was replaced by PACS in 2002. 

Growing organic means; being in harmony with mother nature, you cultivate, improve your soil, keep a good environment for all the good bugs, so you have very little or no diseases.

If you grow things like we do, it is a passion, you are addicted, you can't let it go, you just keep doing it. By the end of the day it makes you happy, if you see how people appreciate your hard work and enjoy your produce and come back over and over. 

The Happy P & R Organic Team 


End of the road, SVR turns into our driveway.

12800 Salmon Valley Road, Prince George, B.C., Canada, V2K5T4

Tuesday Farm Pick-Up 2-6pm


1310 3rd Ave Prince George Farmers Market 8:30-2 online ordering available for pick up here

Closed Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (unless you arranged for pick up)